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Market EBT Yachtpanels turns global

News - In the past years EBT Yachtpanels has developed herself more and more as supplier of State-of-the-Art Yachtpanels. This development took place on many different areas. Integration of the diverse systems was our number 1 priority.

Now we can connect all the signaling, operating, dimming etcetera fully redundant and apply it all through several protocols. All of the signaling and operating can change color easily, even if the panels allready are in use.

The total package of all these developments is presented under the name Smart-Line. The Smart-Line applications offer a high rate of flexibility during the commissioning but also after the yacht sets sail.

The referencelist of EBT Yachtpanels continues to grow, mainly because of the mentioned developments. Not only nationally, but also abroad. EBT Yachtpanels realizes her projects in Holland, Spain, Germany and Engeland en there are concrete plans to add other countries to this shortlist. EBT Yachtpanels goes global!
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